The most compact integrated telematics unit with CAN Bus support

The SBC-AVL is a compact and cost-efficient telematics unit with internal GSM/GPS antennas and integrated support for 1-wire and CAN bus interfaces. This combination of features

enables a wide range of telematics applications such as fleet management and driver identification, and minimizes the device's installation-related costs.


  • Internal GSM/GPS antennas and integrated CAN Bus help minimize installation-related costs
  • Extremely compact size enables highest degree of freedom for installing the device
  • Support for 1-wire enables telematics applications e.g. for driver identification or temperature monitoring
  • Leading-edge low power consumption in sleep mode minimizes impact on the vehicle's battery
  • Can be used with GPS or Glonass

Tracking of:

  • Passenger cars
  • Any type of commercial vehicles
  • Fleets of taxis, rental cars, …
  • Public transportation vehicles

Sample Applications:

  • Fleet Management
  • Driver Identification for vehicle fleets shared by multiple drivers
  • Preventive vehicle maintenance planning
  • Reading CAN Bus data for advanced applications