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Telic AG - Your partner for IoT products and solutions

Conquer the Internet of Things with Telic AG. As the leading provider of customer-specific IoT products for connecting mobile investment goods, Telic AG offers manufacturers of construction machinery, commercial vehicles and industrial machinery the opportunity to fully exploit the potential to grow because of digitalization. The technologically sophisticated, innovative solutions offer our customers a reliable and scalable basis for new services around their core business. We have been developing and manufacturing telematics and telemetry products considering industrial and automotive standards for almost 20 years. The annual production of over 100,000 IoT units is carried out exclusively in Germany according to the highest quality standards. Thanks to our international approval and validation competencies, our customers can market their IoT solutions worldwide. Our product platforms are prepared for:

  • Mobile broadband connections with data rates up to 300Mbit/s (massive content).
  • The use in so-called "low-power" applications with reduced energy consumption and low data rates (Massive Machine Type Communication)
  • Mobile real-time applications with the demand for highest reliability and minimum latency (Massive Control)
  • Manufacturing in small series up to the production of high quantities of several thousand units per month
  • Device management according to industry standards such as Lightweight M2M or MS-Azure
  • Data transmission TLS/DTLS encrypted via standardized transmission protocols like MQTTS, CoAP, etc. directly to the cloud
  • Software APIs for customer-specific application development
  • Over-the-air firmware updates of the application and subcomponents
  • Highly precise positioning down to the sub-meter range
  • Wireless connection of sensors and sensor networks via BLE, WLAN or comparable wireless technologies

That results in security of investment for our customers with their IoT solution. Your IoT project starts with competent advice from the Telic IoT consulting team. Use the opportunities of digitalization for the success of your company, Solution Starts Here!



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