Linux Board Computer

The open platform for advanced telematics applications

The Linux Board Computer, which has been specifically designed for automotive telematics applications, is equipped with a wide range of hardware interfaces. This includes CAN bus, 1-wire, RS232 and Ethernet as well as multiple inputs and outputs. The device can be extended with additional wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth or WiFi by using the device's internal or external USB connectors. In this way, the LBC can also be deployed as a vehicle router.

The open Linux operating system provides you with the flexibility required to deploy your own applications, which can also include the communications with the backend system, on a hardware platform which has been approved for vehicular usage.

The LBC targets System Integrators requiring a highest degree of extensibility in order to address widely varying end-user requirements.

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  • Open Linux Operating systems enabling you to deploy your own developed telematics applications.
  • Simply extend the device with additional wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • The wide variety of interfaces (CAN Bus, RS232, 1-wire, Ethernet and inputs/outputs) facilitate the deployment in a broad range of application scenarios.
  • Extremely low power consumption and fast boot times.
  • Certified for use in vehicles (E1 automotive certification).

Tracking of:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Buses and Coaches
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Emergency services vehicles
  • Boats

Sample Applications:

  • Capture manufacturer-specific machine data to realize new business models such as 'product as a service'.
  • Use the LBC device platform as a vehicle router to enable multiple connected wireless peripheral devices to communicate with the backend server.
  • Use the expansion capabilities of the device to deploy it as a high-capacity data logger.