LT910 E Terminal

    LTE Cat-1 Terminal for M2M Applications with GSM Fallback

    The LT910 E is the first industrial-grade M2M Terminal based on the Telit module LE910 EU1 which supports both LTE Category 1 as well as GSM/GPRS technologies specifically for Europe.
    The LT910 E Terminal is of particular interest for customers who wish to ensure long-term investment protection for their M2M applications at a cost-attractive level.


    • Long-term investment protection at an affordable pricing level
    • Supports applications requiring data rates comparable to HSPA
    • Use advanced features such as cellular positioning to capture the location of machine being supervised
    • Ultra-low power consumption mode for battery-operated applications

    Tracking of

    • LTE FDD Cat-1 for EU bands, 3GPP Rel-9 compliant
    • Dualband 900/1800 MHz GSM/GPRS
    • Hayes & 3GPP compliant AT command set
    • Firmware Update over the Air (FOTA)
    • Cellular positioning and jamming detection
    • RS232 & USB 2.0 interfaces
    • Ultra-low power consumption mode

    Sample Applications

    • Any M2M applications (e.g. POS terminals, vending machines …) requiring long-term investment protection.
    • High-bandwidth applications e.g. in the areas of security, digital signage and POS applications.