Telic Picotrack Endurance Solar

The device for high-frequency multi-year asset tracking applications

The Picotrack Endurance Solar in an asset tracking device with an IP67 grade housing used to reliably track large valuable assets (containers, swap bodies, freight wagons, large industrial assets ...) at higher tracking intervals over long periods of time.

The device can remain operational for many years by regularly recharging the battery with its integrated high-performance solar panel, and thereby transmit messages e.g. every 10 minutes and still remain fully charged at the end of a day.


  • Follow your assets for many years even at high tracking frequencies (e.g. every 10 minutes)
  • State-of-the-art solar panel recharges the battery and reduces the need for maintenance cycles
  • Robust IP67 grade device can be deployed under challenging and varying environmental conditions
  • Easy installation enabled by integrated antennas and highly sensitive GPS receiver technology
  • GSM Tracking and Shock Detection for advanced telematics applications
  • Made in Germany

Tracking of:

  • Containers of various types
  • Freight wagons without own power source
  • Heavy duty equipment, e.g. construction / industrial
  • Trailers & swap bodies
  • Large industrial assets with a long operational lifetime
  • Boats

Sample Applications:

  • Improve supply chain visibility
  • Security applications for monitoring / recovering logistics as well as large and long-life assets