How to create a new ticket

You can send us your support request via the helpdesk of Telic AG.

This can include topics related to the software or configuration of our products as well as RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorization).

1. Go to Support Request

2. Click on "Request New Account" if you do not yet have an account in the Ticket System.



3. You will receive an E-Mail. Please confirm your registration and follow the instructions.

4. After confirmation you are free to login into your account. Enter your E-Mail address and your password and click on "Sign in".



5. You will be forwarded to the landing page of the Helpdesk. Click on "BACK TO TICKETS" on the left next to the logout button of the Helpdesk.



6. Select "New Ticket".



7. Select your category and fill out the placeholders. For RMA choose "RMA Telic" and for Support request "Support Telic AG" or "Support Kentaur GmbH". Finally, click on "Create ticket".