IoT Plattform

Telic´s „Kentaur“ Platform can scale horizontally and vertically. Not only can Non-Telic devices be integrated, but also various transmission technologies on the data generation side. For data handling, multiple possibilities can be implemented, e.g. multiple protocol support, various levels and layers of security in terms of authentication and encryption. Finally the data utilization is also completely up to be designed upon customer´s or usecase´s requirements. This can range from data export into external applications to develop integrated web or mobile based applications.

Deployment of Kentaur is available in the cloud or on premise. In both models the platform can be tailored to performance and redundancy levels required.

Standard Platform architecture Kentaur


Picture: Kentaur Platform components (abstracted)

This architecture diagram does show the main components of Kentaur only. Other components, such as Identity & Access Management, Business Intelligence, Encryption, web-based or mobile applications can be added or adapted upon customer specification.

  • Kentaur can be used per cloud or deployed on premise. Customers can start with small numbers or a PoC in the cloud and can later on migrate to a local installation.
  • Kentaur is an open system, data transfer technologies can be supported as well as third party sensor devices (WiFI, BLE, etc.).

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