SafeComm: Products for group communications

The products of the SafeComm family enable mobile units from security-related organisations to easily communicate with each other in predefined user groups by using secure mobile communications. Joining conference calls is as user-friendly as pushing a button.

Product variants are available which can be installed in the mobile unit's vehicles (SafeComm Car) or can be carried by the security personnel (SafeComm Mobile). By using the public mobile radio networks, the SafeComm products are a cost-effective alternative to trunked radio or TETRA systems.


These products can be deployed in a variety of application scenarios. In addition to the security sector, these products can be used wherever a coordination between several people and possibly a control center is necessary, for example, with fire brigade or civil protection teams.

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SafeComm Car for installation in vehicles

SafeComm Car

Standalone mobile communication unit for vehicles

SafeComm Mobile for mobile units

SafeComm Mobile

Dedicated solution for mobile conference calls with long talk times