SafeTrack Devices

The devices from the SafeTrack family are based on proven Telic products which have already been deployed thousands of times, among others in security sensitive applications. Some of the key characteristics of these products include highest quality, reliability and longevity as well as a very low power consumption.

The SafeTrack products support, among others, the UKSP and PAIP communication protocols which are frequently used by police authorities. These devices are used to locate and track vehicles, VIPs as well as valuable goods.

They can be used for covert operations as well as for anti-theft protection. The SafeTrack POS is used to safeguard point-of-sale terminals such as ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) and vending/ticketing machines.

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SafeTrack Pico: Tracking valuable assets and VIPs

SafeTrack Pico

Theft protection and prevention

SafeTrack Car: Reporting vehicle locations to police control centers

SafeTrack Car

Locating and tracking vehicles

SafeTrack POS: Robust tracking device for point-of-sale terminals

SafeTrack POS

Tracking ATMs with alarm function