Telic Security Products

SafeTrack Devices

The SafeTrack product family covers tracking devices which are specifically designed to meet the requirements of authorities and service providers in the security business. These products enable a discreet surveillance of targets (e.g. persons or vehicles) in the course of ongoing investigations as well as theft protection and prevention of high-value objects.

These products support specific communications protocols used by police authorities, such as UKSP and PAIP. Key characteristics of these devices include their compact size as well as their exceptionally high reliability and longevity.

SafeComm Communication Products

The products of the SafeComm family enable communication within predefined user groups for Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) applications. The SafeComm products are used both for covert operations, surveillance activities as well as in group communications of e.g. fire brigade and civil protection personnel. They work on the public mobile networks and therefore allow the use of all the security features these networks offer. SafeComm products thus offer a cost-effective alternative to other solutions, such as trunked radio and TETRA systems.