Telematics Devices for professional asset tracking applications

The Picotrack product family offers for telematics and logistics service providers a complete portfolio of devices focused on asset tracking applications. They are used for continuous GPS- or Glonass-based tracking of valuable shipments and logistics items used within the supply chain.

This enables the implementation of applications focused on improving supply chain security and visibility.

A common characteristic of all Picotrack devices is their extremely low power consumption, as they are designed to be operated over periods of weeks, months and even several years.

The Picotrack IP69K as well as all Picotrack Endurance products a feature a robust housing (either IP67 oder IP69K grade) for deployment under rough environmental conditions.

Picotrack Endurance for long-term tracking over months and years
Picotrack Endurance Primary

IP69K with primary cell for asset tracking up to 9 years

Picotrack Endurance Rechargeable

Recharge the tracking device via mains power socket

Picotrack Endurance Solar

Solar-based multi-year and high-frequency asset tracking

Picotrack Power for tracking of valuable shipments in the supply chain
Picotrack Power

Tracking up to two months at 5 messages per day

IP69K housing for Picotrack Power

Asset Tracking under difficult environmental conditions