Telic Telematics Devices for demanding fleet management applications

Telic's telematics devices, which can be deployed in any type of vehicle (including commercial and off-road vehicles), provide a broad range of features which are critical for fleet management applications. This includes highly precise positioning based on satellite navigation systems such as GPS or Glonass, even under difficult conditions.

The SBC family of products provide also access to vehicle-specific data from the CAN bus, 1-wire and from serial interfaces. These products are designed either for installation inside the vehicle, or - being equipped with a robust dust- and water-protected housing - can be deployed outdoors, e.g. on the axis of a trailer.

The most important benefit of the Picotrack SafeDrive, a vehicle tracking device based on a Cigarette Lighter Adapter design, is its extremely straightforward installation. It is well suited for a range of applications, such as for temporarily tracking delivery logistics vehicles, or to capture a driver's log data.


Picotrack SafeDrive: Plug-and-Play vehicle tracking device

Picotrack SafeDrive

Telematics unit for quick installation

SBC-AVL 4G: Compact low-power devices for installation inside vehicles


Telematics unit with CAN Bus and 1-wire

SBC3 4G: Telematics units with robust IP6K6K grade housing


Telematics unit supporting CAN Bus, 1-wire, RS232 & inputs / outputs