Telematics Products for Professional Vehicles and Asset Tracking

Telematics Devices for Professional Vehicles

The products of the SBC family are mostly used to collect location and machine operating data from commercial vehicles as well as from vehicles used in the construction and agricultural sectors. They are either designed for installation within the vehicle (SBC-AVL devices) or outside the vehicle (SBC3 products) with the help of a robust water and dust protected IP6K6K housing.

Maintenance-free long-term tracking devices

A large number of asset tracking applications place high requirements on the capabilities of telematics devices in relation to robustness and longevity. Ideally, it should be possible to track large industrial components as well as logistics assets such as containers, swap bodies or freight wagons over a period of several months or even years without the need to perform any maintenance of the devices.

The Picotrack Endurance family of products has been designed specifically to address these demanding requirements. They are all designed for outdoor deployment by providing a robust IP67 or IP69K housing, and are equipped with high-capacity batteries to enable tracking over very long periods of time, up to several years.

Tracking devices for the supply chain

The matchbox-sized device Picotrack Power is ideally suited for tracking valuable shipments within the logistics supply chain. The high-performance battery and efficient power management algorithms enable a transmission of several messages per day for a period of several weeks.