Telemetry Terminals and Modules for industrial IoT Applications

From GSM to NB-IoT - terminals for your IoT application

We offer a wide portfolio of IoT terminals for GSM / GPRS, UMTS as well as for the future-oriented NB-IoT and LTE technologies (LTE Cat. 1, LTE Cat. M1), which can be used in a variety of M2M and IoT applications.
The core components of these terminals are communication modules from Telit.

They differ from each other in the supported technologies and frequency bands as well as in the availability of inputs and outputs. All terminals support various hardware interfaces such as USB or RS232 and can also be operated in a special mode with extremely low power consumption.

In particular, the new generation of terminals (LTE Cat 1, LTE Cat M1, NB-IoT) guarantee a high level of investment protection for long-term applications.

Many models are also programmable. System integrators can therefore configure their devices even more specifically in the Phython programming language and via C APIs for the Telit AppZone.

The hardware platforms used also offer placement options for additional functions, such as the power supply via the USB interface or the alternative support of an RS485 variant instead of the standard RS232 interfaces.

Please contact us for more information about the possible options.

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GSM & GPRS Terminals

NB-IoT & UMTS & LTE Terminals for IoT Applications

Telic AG offers a broad portfolio of terminals for UMTS networks, as well as for the future-proof NB-IoT & LTE technologies. On the one hand, these terminals can be used for broadband applications, such as they are used in the security sector, in point-of-sale or in digital signage applications. On the other hand, especially LTE terminals can be deployed to ensure long-term investment protection for applications that need to remain in use over very long periods of time.

The UMTS, NB-IoT and LTE terminals are also based on modules from Telit and Gemalto. These industrial modems feature standard RS232 and USB 2.0 interfaces and can all be operated in an ultra-low power consumption mode.

The terminals can be programmed in C (Telit). Various assembly options are available, such as e.g. for adding outputs. Please contact us if you would like to know more about available options.

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IoT Module

Telic is a distributor for Telit modules in Germany. Please contact us to receive an offer to Telit modules. You can find more information about Telit’s products by clicking on the following links:


IoT Modules