Telemetry Terminals for Remote Monitoring and Control Applications

Telemetry terminals are used to control remote machinary and systems via a mobile network. They can switch relays or read status information and sensor data by using digital and / or analog inputs. Telic offers two different telemetry terminals (STD32 and STD35) for remote control and monitoring applications via GSM / GPRS.

Forwarding of alarm signals, enabling access control or remotely control HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems are just a few of the many possible application scenarios for these devices.

The fiberglass-reinforced and water-proof housing enables also deployement in outdoor and harsh environments. The telemetry terminals can be configured via SMS commands or by using a dedicated PC-based configuration tool. Telic provides support tools which, in addition to the latest user guides with a list of available SMS commands, can be accessed in the download area of this website.

Sourcing Information

Our international sales team will be pleased to inform you about local partners to contact in order to purchasing our M2M terminals and to provide you with necessary contact details.