NB-IoT / 3G / 4G Terminals

Deployment Scenarios

Telic's NB-IoT, UMTS and LTE M2M terminals support a seamless migration from GSM-based networks towards UMTS or LTE. The AT commands provided by the Telit and Gemalto-based communication modules, which are deployed in the M2M terminals, are compatible between GSM, UMTS and LTE as far as core wireless functionality is concerned. This means that M2M applications ideally do not have to be adapted when deplyoing e.g. existing GSM-based applications within UMTS or LTE networks.

Therefore, these terminals can be used on the one hand to address special application requirements such as high data rates or low latencies which cannot be supported by pure GSM-based solutions. On the other hand, M2M investments can be protected in the long-term especially when deploying LTE-based terminals. Applications can seamlessly switch-over to LTE whenever need be.

Key Features

The UMTS terminals differ from each other by the supported frequency bands. These terminals can be programmed in Python or C and all devices offer RS232 and USB 2.0 ports for connecting external M2M hardware solutions.

Specifically the LT910 E is an industrial modem for M2M applications which is based on the LTE Cat-1 standard. With this device category, LTE technology can now be deployed at a cost-attractive level within industrial applications. At the same time, this M2M terminal, as well as all other NB-IoT / UMTS / LTE terminals in the Telic portfolio, offers a special ultra-low power consumption mode which makes it particularly suitable for battery-powered applications. Thanks to the 4G dual mode NB-IoT/M1 & 2 G technology of the NT910 G it is now possible to realize new worldwide cost-effective connected solutions.

Sourcing Information

Our international sales team will be pleased to inform you about local partners to contact in order to purchasing our M2M terminals and to provide you with necessary contact details.