Telematics is also becoming a mass market phenomenon within the automotive sector. As an example, Sample applications include car sharing, rental cards, vehicle tracking, theft prevention, driver behavior analysis and more...

A key requirement for rental car applications is e.g. to be able to enable unlock the vehicle’s doors of rental cars to be unlocked by using a special smartphone app. A central telematics server is in charge of handling the communications between the app and the vehicle; this is required to validate the user’s request to unlock the vehicle’s doors.

A telematics unit is installed within the vehicle to provide a communication link to the telematics server.

Telic was able to develop a solution that supports the unlocking a doors for a range of vehicle models by using the SBC-AVL device platform and by closely cooperating with partners specialized in in-vehicle communications. In a related project, devices were supplied without GPS functionality to address end-customer’s privacy concerns.

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