Industry 4.0

Telematics is also playing an important role within Industry 4.0 applications. The core idea of the Industry 4.0 is the so-called Smart Factory, which enables a cost-effective production even in small quantities by relying on an intelligent interaction between the sensors and actuators used in the production line.

The use of telematics has proven to be especially beneficial when e.g. the warehouses harboring individual components and the actual production line are geographically separated. Telematics enables the realization of the concept of ‘Just-in-Time’ production:

the actual production process can be adapted in real-time by tracking via GPS the current location (and thus delivery status) of individual components required for the production. In many situations, real-time GPS data helps also optimize the final assembly of large industrial systems.

Telic’s Picotrack Endurance range of asset tracking products have been successfully deployed within Industry 4.0 projects to safely track the location of large industrial components, such as those used in the energy sector. Long-term operation and robustness are key characteristics of these products.