Insurance Telematics

Insurance Telematics Applications

The importance of telematics is clearly increasing within the motor insurance sector. Insurance companies have recognized the opportunity to use telematics to improve customer retention. Key applications include crash situation analysis, manual break-down calls, stolen vehicle recovery and the so-called “Pay-How-You-Drive” services which enable insurance companies to offer discounts on premiums based on the policy holder’s driving style.

Telic has developed over the last several years together with leading motor insurance companies product solutions which are currently in a commercial deployment phase.

Telic's solutions for the motor insurance sector

The Picotrack SafeDrive, a Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA) telematics unit, is the device platform preferred by insurance companies due to its ease of installation. Potentially high installation costs can be avoided since the device can be directly installed by the driver.

Customers requiring a solution for stolen vehicle recovery can also resort to the SBC-AVL device platform. With its extremely compact form factor, it offers a high degree of freedom for installing the device anywhere inside the vehicle. It also provides access to the CAN bus in case that vehicle-specific data needs to be accessed .