Transport & Logistics

The transport and logistics sector has been one of the first to benefit from telematics. Within a highly competitive environment, transportation companies can use this technology to optimize processes and reduce costs.

Telic has supported key service providers in their successful market entry by providing customer-specific product solutions as well as a broad portfolio of standard products. These include the SBC3 and SCB-AVL product families, which are used to track various types of vehicles, as well as the Picotrack and Picotrack Endurance devices used to track the whereabouts of logistics assets as well as of valuable products within the supply chain.

These products can be adapted to the specific requirements of the target application. Among others, Telic has developed a complete set of customer-specific device solutions for trailer tracking applications. This includes capturing EBS data for the Electronic Breaking System, TPMS for Tire Pressure Monitoring as well as special solutions required for the cold chain, by using e.g. telematics devices as temperature data loggers.

Additionally, the Picotrack SafeDrive, a compact telematics device based on a Cigarette Lighter Adapter design, is particularly well suited for applications in the delivery logistics segment.