IP69K Housing for the Picotrack Power

Ultra-robust solution for end-to-end tracking applications

The Picotrack Power tracking device can be equipped with an IP69K housing (with the accessory 'Picotrack Case') if it needs to be deployed under challenging environmental conditions. This housing protects the device against dust and high-pressure water jets.

Therefore, it is ideally suited for an outdoor installation, such as on mobile construction equipment or on logistics assets such as containers and pallets. In addition to the usage of screws or tie wraps, the device can very easily by mounted on the objects to be tracked by using powerful magnets (also available as accessory).


  • Best protection against dust and high-pressure water jets, in accordance with the protection class IP69K.
  • Very straightforward installation, especially when using magnets which are available as accessory.

Tracking of:

  • Any type of transport boxes, pallets
  • High-value goods and productsHochwertigen Gütern und Produkten
  • Portable construction equipment

Sample applications:

  • All applications that require a reliable positioning of any kind of industrial goods in the outdoors
  • Security applications for tracking and recovering high-value goods
  • Tracking over long periods of several months high-value goods that place restrictions on the size of the tracking device