Telic SBC-AVL Power

Tracking devices for advanced telematics application

With its support for 1-wire and RS232 interfaces, the SBC-AVL Power is designed for advanced telematics applications for commercial vehicles. Security applications can be addressed with the integrated backup battery and GSM Jamming Detection feature.

Additionally, the combination of a compact size, high sensitivity GPS/ Glonass receiver and internal antennas helps minimize installation-related costs.


  • Implement advanced telematics applications with 1-wire and Flexible RS232
  • The compact size enables a high degree of freedom for installing the device
  • Ultra low power consumption in sleep mode minimizes the impact on the vehicle's battery
  • Internal GSM/GPS antennas minimize installation-related costs
  • Integrated backup battery and GSM Jamming Detection for security applications
  • Can be used with GPS or Glonass Rapid evaluation of the product with the Telic trial server

Tracking of:

  • Light to Medium commercial vehicles
  • Public transportation vehicles
  • Fleets of taxis, rental cars, delivery vans...

Sample Applications:

  • Fleet management
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR)
  • Preventive vehicle maintenance planning
  • Driver Identification
  • Reading data from external RS232 peripheral devices (e.g. RFID, Data Loggers…)