Optimization of the local transport


    About IMPC

    IMPC is a Danish company specialized in electronics development and manufacturing with a focus on mechanical integration. They offer a wide range of services, which include software and control system electronics development, industrial control systems and electronics for the process industry, and embedded platform integration.

    The Project

    IMPC's VPU (Vehicle Priority Unit), enhances public transportation on a daily basis in Copenhagen and various cities. IMPC improves the efficiency of more than 170 traffic lights along the busiest public bus routes by integrating the reliable LT910-WW terminal from Telic AG into their application. By intelligently controlling the traffic lights IMPC's system optimizes green light durations for buses, allowing them to pass intersections smoothly. This results in a smoother ride for passengers, reduced pollution, and cost savings for bus operators. A mere few seconds of additional green light time can prevent abrupt braking and acceleration, thereby minimizing pollution.


    The solution in detail

    The VPU is a “black-box” unit, in combination with back-end servers, by help with GPS and mobile radio communication. The solution provides vehicle priority based on position.

    The request for the additional green light time is made based on the position and speed of the bus. The bus will start sending requests using various mobile radio services, arriving to the crossing. The received information is calculated on a traffic operator server keeping track of all busses. Based on the output of the calculation a request is send to IMPC´s server which has the communication link established to all installed VPU´s.

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