Picotrack Power

The matchbox-sized device for tracking valuable assets

The Picotrack Power is a small sized device with robust housing and excellent battery lifetime used to reliably track high value assets (e.g. valuable shipments, product prototypes, confidential documents) over a period of weeks

to several months. This product provides also GSM-based position estimates when GPS is not available. The Picotrack Power is equipped with a 1320 mAh rechargeable battery.


  • Extremely small tracking device, the size of a matchbox, fits into any type of transport container
  • Easy deployment enabled by integrated antennas and highly sensitive GPS receiver technology
  • Deliver GSM-based positioning data when GPS is not available (when the device is located e.g. in tunnels or in warehouses)
  • Excellent battery lifetime which can extend to several months of operation time depending on the specific configuration
  • Made in Germany

Tracking of:

  • Transport boxes, pallets, cartons
  • Goods and products of high value
  • Product prototypes
  • Confidential documents

Sample Applications:

  • Security applications for monitoring / recovering goods and products of high value