Telematics products

    Telematics products - for locating and networking mobile capital goods

    With their wide range of performance features, Telic AG's telematics products are particularly suitable for networking and locating mobile capital goods such as commercial vehicles, construction machinery, containers, swap bodies or freight wagons.


    Telic Solar

    For professional asset tracking applications

    The "Telic Solar" is a tracking device with an IP69-rated housing that is used to reliably locate mobile capital goods (containers, swap bodies, freight wagons, etc.) over a long period of time. Furthermore, the device can be operated maintenance-free for many years. The "Telic Solar" is very small and flat, so it fits into all common beads without being bulky.

    Via a Bluetooth directional antenna implemented in the "Telic Solar", sensor data from the interior of the container can be received and processed.
    The "Telic Solar" is equipped with the proven Telic Tracking Application Software, which allows settings to be made according to the individual wishes of the customer.

    If desired, Telic Solar can also be equipped with an individual customised application.

    The perfect all-rounder in the IoT environment

    • Extremely small, flat and robust
    • Powerful solar panel, enables bridging of long periods of darkness
    • Receives sensor data from inside the container
    • Cost-optimised and high performing
    • Telic tracking application software included
    • State-of-the-art energy management based on more than 13 years of experience with asset tracking devices
    "Telic Solar" datasheet

    Picotrack 4G

    The Picotrack 4G is a compact telematics product equipped with the latest LTE CAT M1 technology that can be used worldwide. The Picotrack 4G is suitable for self-sufficient use over a period of a few weeks to months (depending on the selected configuration). For applications in demanding environmental conditions or outdoors, an IP69K housing is available for the Picotrack 4G. This allows the unit to be mounted using magnets, screws, or cable ties.

    For applications in a government environment, there is a version of the Picotrack 4G that is equipped with a special communication protocol (PAIP/UKSP).


    SBC product family

    Typical applications of the SBC product family are: Fleet management; Vehicle tracking; Trailer telematics; Automatic production data acquisition.


    The telematics products of the SBC product family (SBC3 CAN 4G / SBC AVL 4G) are equipped with the latest and worldwide usable LTE CAT M1 technology. Combined with a variety of different interfaces (e.g. CAN bus, 1-Wire, RS232, etc.) and a robust housing, they can be used universally. Thanks to the antenna integrated in the units, they can be installed quickly and easily in a wide variety of mounting positions.


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