About Idem/BPW Group

    Powerful cooperation with idem since 2006

    We have a trusting and close relationship with Telic. Together we build tailor-made telematics devices that fully meet the needs of our transport customers. Telic's hardware team and idem's software department work together very efficiently.
    Jens Zeller Managing Director of idem telematics

    About idem / BPW

    idem telematics is a repeated winner of the German Telematics Award 2021.

    As Europe's leading telematics partner, idem telematics supports freight forwarders, fleet operators or shippers in continuously improving their core business.

    As a result, the profitability, customer satisfaction and competitiveness of the companies is increased. And this works in an uncomplicated, independent manner, across fleets and manufacturers, and for every company size and every business model.

    Special performance features of idem telematics are the merging of the data worlds of freight, driver, and vehicle as well as the broad product portfolio. From the standardised portal solution cargofleet to individual industry solutions, it is designed specifically for each customer. As a subsidiary of BPW, idem telematics' solutions make a significant contribution to the implementation of the mobility concepts of the BPW Group and its international subsidiaries. BPW - We think transport!

    Future technologies for tomorrow's logistics - The next generation of trailer telematics

    Future technologies for tomorrow's logistics - The next generation of trailer telematics

    For idem, Telic AG develops telematics devices for both simple curtainsider trailers and box trailers with their extensive areas of application.



    TC Trailer Gateway

    The new generation of trailer telematics devices, the TC Trailer Gateway family, offers the following application possibilities:

    • Gateway BASIC: Design of an entry-level telematics system for curtainsider trailers. Compactly designed, cost-attractive and powerful.

    • Gateway PRO: The Swiss army knife of telematics. A further development of the existing units sets new standards in terms of interfaces and range of applications, which are particularly required for food and pharmaceutical transports.

    With the TC Trailer Gateway PRO, we offer the transport industry hardware that is as versatile as a Swiss army knife. There is no transport task that this device cannot support; all the way to the royal league of certified pharmaceutical transports.
    Jens Zeller, Managing Director of idem telematics

    Writing success stories together

    Over the past 15 years, Telic AG has designed, developed, and produced several telematics hardware platforms for idem. The telematics units are used successfully year after year in Europe and support idem in maintaining its leading position as a trailer supplier.

    Telic's well-founded know-how and innovative strength, coupled with the cooperation that has been practised for years, pays off: 

    idem can meet the needs of its customers with high-performance, innovative hardware for trucks and trailers.

    Telematics for All

    The trailer telematics unit TC Trailer Gateway BASIC is the entry-level telematics for curtainsider trailers and box bodies:

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