Ericsson and Telic are networking buses via 5G in Rome

    We entered into a partnership with Telic focused around IoT Accelerator Connectivity Management to test how commercial IoT industrial devices are working against our Service. Telic devices are well built, engineered, and proven to be very reliable, working without issue even when very advanced features were tested (e.g. eUICC localization over the air). Their Technical Support provides prompt answers and documentation required in a timely manner. We are very happy about the collaboration! We list a Telic device in our IoT Accelerator Developer Portal as a good example of a reliable and advanced device for enterprise customers of our service providers customers.
    Graziano Ponzo, Strategic Product Manager – IoT Accelerator, Ericsson EAB/BTEB – Stockholm (Sweden)

    About Ericsson

    Ericsson is among the world's leading providers of communications technologies and services. Ericsson's core business is mobile network equipment. The company is one of the most important suppliers in this field: 40 percent of the world's mobile traffic is handled by Ericsson network technology. A particularly important business area at present is the introduction and continuous development of the 5G mobile communications standard.

    Networking buses via 5G in Rome

    Through the expansion of the 5G network, innovative applications can be developed that can significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of, for example, public transport.

    The project

    To improve passenger safety, video surveillance was installed on some buses on an experimental basis to detect and report dangerous situations in real time. Three video cameras were installed on board these buses to transmit high-resolution images to a control center. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, these recordings are analysed in real time to report critical situations (use of weapons, unattended luggage, or panic among passengers) on the bus.

    Telic's telematics sensor is used in this overall application to relay emergency messages manually triggered by the bus driver. In conjunction with the emergency message, the exact position of the vehicle is transmitted at the same time.

    Furthermore, temperature, humidity and smog sensors are connected to the Telic telematics box. In addition to the sensors, vehicle data is transmitted to the telematics box via the CAN bus and filtered from there.

    All these data are transmitted via wLAN to a 5G terminal and from there, together with the video data, to a central server control center.

    In the course of this project, extensive data was collected, which is currently being evaluated.

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